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Burner Management & Combustion Control Systems - Low and ultra low NOx burners and burner retrofits; BMS and CMS system design and hardware; Custom design SCR Systems; Burner air fuel mix recalibration; Pre-emission test and boiler tune-ups; Heat rate, efficiency studies and plant improvement; Vapor recovery; Particulate and CO2 control.

  • Low and ultra low NOx burners and burner retrofits
  • BMS and CMS system design and hardware
  • Custom design SCR Systems
  • Burner air fuel mix recalibration
  • Pre-emission test and boiler tune-ups
  • Heat rate, efficiency studies and plant improvement
  • Vapor recovery
  • Particulate and CO2 control

Ultra-low NOx Burner Combustion Control & Burner Management Expertise

Since its establishment in 1976, Controltech has focused on combustion control and burner management systems. Over the past 34 years Controltech has added the capability to supply and build custom burner management and combustion control systems for more complex applications such as ultra-low NOx burners.

CTi Controltech has always been recognized as a premiere supplier of combustion related products and systems. We provide integrated burner solutions using leading low NOx & ultra low NOx burner technology.

Our staff of engineers and technicians is well versed in burner management and combustion technology. We offer services to survey existing plant fuel- fired equipment to rate your existing control system in compliance with safety codes such as National Fire Protection Association, Factory Mutual, Underwriters Laboratories, Industrial Risk Insurers, Black Liquor Recovery Boiler Advisory Committee, Kemper, California Department of Industrial Safety, and OSHA. We have also helped customers with obtaining approval of systems with their insurance carrier or local approval agencies.

In many applications involving a single burner, the off-the-shelf products meet the customer’s needs. However, in applications where multiple burners and multiple fuels are used, such as dryers and incinerators, a custom approach using a programmable logic controller is usually more flexible and economical. Here is where CTi’s expertise can help customers install safe and cost effective solutions, including professionally assembled and quality tested custom panels that meet UL508 approval.

Burner Management is just part of the combustion picture. CTi has been involved in the engineering and supply of single and multiple fuel combustion control and optimization systems, using the latest in control technologies. We have been closely involved with the successful development and implementation of over 100 combustion control strategies for new low NOx and ultra-low NOx burners. These strategies were developed in conjunction with the burner manufacturers to ensure optimal performance without reducing safety.

Whether the application may be an industrial furnace, dryer, fluid bed incinerator, steam boiler or other combustion equipment. Or, if the application involves a single burner or multiple burners, CTi can help you with your burner, combustion control and burner management needs. We provide a total turn-key solution from initial design, to equipment supply, to installation & startup.

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